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Re: global option and action sub-option

From: tbsky
Subject: Re: global option and action sub-option
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2023 23:43:01 +0800
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Now you call 'rdiff-backup --help' and you know which global options
there are, and which actions there are. You call 'rdiff-backup ACTION
--help' and you know which options this action has. How can it be
easier? Everything is also documented as clearly as that in the man
page. And there is a migration guide. The command line completion
could be more helpful but it currently needs to support old and new
CLI and that makes it messy.

But, it is open source, you can document it better and provide
examples (did you know that we have an examples document?).

Hope this helps,

PS: and there will be no relaxing of the rules, Python argparse limitation.

Yes I think the new syntax is quite clear and structured. it is user friendly but sometimes it's not easy to use in script. for example when I backup a server I need to collect parameters about ssh-ip,ssh-port,ssh-compression,directory-exclusion from config files. now I need to arrange the location of the parameters, seperate them for generic option and action sub-option. but as you said, we should live with it since it is Python argparse limitation.


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