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Re: [Qemu-devel] Installing a guest WXP on a MacOS X host

From: Alexandre Tolmos
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Installing a guest WXP on a MacOS X host
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 00:45:40 +0200

Le 19 juil. 04, à 20:29, René Korthaus a écrit :

Am 19.07.2004 um 17:38 schrieb Michael L Torrie:

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 09:06, Alexandre Tolmos wrote:
Hello all,

I'm new to QEMU and I'd like to know how to boot a Windows XP
installation CDROM from MacOS X. Do I need to create an ISO image from
my WXP CDROM or can I boot directly from it e.g. using "-cdrom
/dev/<device>" ?

Maybe.  The device name under OS X can be found by running disktool -l
from the command line. then the dev entry will be /dev/disk# where # is
the number you found running disktool.

Which tools are needed to create an ISO image from a CDROM ?

Probably the easiest is to use "disktool -l" to determine the device
name of the cd (which should be automounted).  then do:
dd if=/dev/disk# of=image.iso

You can also have a look for disk names at the system profiler (apple>about this mac>More Information. Just click on hda register card and the names of your devices are shown under "BSD-Name:". In my case, ibook G3, harddisk is /dev/disk0 and cdrom /dev/disk1. Just tried it with Qemu and it works fine.

I tried "-cdrom /dev/disk1" with a FreeDOS image mounted on "C:" and the "dir" command fails on the "D:" unit (ISO9660 CD in the drive). The "dir" command also fails on "D:" when I mount an image with "-hdb <image>". The only way I can mount an image on "D:" is to use "-cdrom <image>".

Am I doing something wrong ?

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