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Re: [Nel] Landscape generation

From: Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Subject: Re: [Nel] Landscape generation
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 14:50:59 +0200

really thank you.
I was wondering... As Gmax seem to be a "light 3dsmax", are the max4 plugs in work with it ? (only to know before downloading) (as you can see, problem is about money for buying 3dsmax ^_^ it cost a little too much for home use ;) )
All i know about GMax :
GMax is a subset of 3dsmax. Some features are not present in Gmax (like patches, modifiers, animation controlers, biped).
If my informations are right, the downloadable software is the backend used by some commercial game editor. (like quake 3).
The frontend is developped by the game developper and exports only data for a specific game.
I'm sure you can't download the gmax SDK for free.
Cyril Corvazier.

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