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Re: [Nel] Landscape generation

From: Cyril 'Hulud' Corvazier
Subject: Re: [Nel] Landscape generation
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 11:46:01 +0200

Hi Jean Philippe,
Have you read the post "Landscape generation pipeline" (10/19/2001) ?
Cyril Corvazier
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Sent: Sunday, August 11, 2002 22:44
Subject: [Nel] Landscape generation

Hello ,
I would like to know , if a step by step tutorial will be available to understand how to make own landscape with 3DS max , export and build game data and import in program.
Personnaly , i have compiled all plugins but there are some stuff i dont understand, specially after having exported zone.
But in mailing post , this step is not yet documented.
0 A little documentation with step to do in 3DSMAX
1 What do we have to export
2 What tools must we use ?  Landscape builder directory or build gamedata directory
3 There many tools that or not use anymore , what dont you backup and remove of the master code directory. May be it ll be easier to understand what we have to use.
4 ...

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