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RE: [Mingw-users] Make configuration for Win32.

From: John Cronin
Subject: RE: [Mingw-users] Make configuration for Win32.
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 14:56:01 +0100

I have just this minute got the brand new, shiny MinGW-2.0.0-3, and I
will give it a go with that, after I manage to get the CVS sources.

After that, we'll see...


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From: Earnie Boyd [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 10 September 2002 12:38
To: John Cronin
Cc: address@hidden; address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] Make configuration for Win32.

John Cronin wrote:
> To make things clear about bcopy:
> make.h checks for whether HAVE_MEMMOVE is defined and whether the
> symbol bcopy is NOT defined (ie a simple symbol that the cpp would pick
> up, not an autoconf generated one).  If both of these are true, it
> defines bcopy to memmove.  The problem with this was, as mentioned in
> a response to my query by pds (solely on the make-w32 list for those
> not subscribed) that memmove had slipped out of the AC_CHECK_FUNCS
> line in for 3.80rc1.  I am assured it has been put back.

So the CVS version should handle this successfully.  I'm glad to hear

> About WINDOWS32:

I'm dropping the __WINDOWS32__ idea.  It was just a thought about what
MinGW team could do to help with the RMS desire.  BTW, thank you Paul,
for the explanation of the win terminology.

> In my attempts to make make compile OOB for all current platforms and
> Mingw32/MSYS, I rely on
> if test "$build_os" == "mingw32"; then
> (please point out if I should use target_os instead - but this isn't
> checked for)
> to AC_DEFINE(WINDOWS32, 1, [Define if ...])
> else
> fi
> which then has the makefile add in the w32 subdirectory to the build.
> This seems a simple fix, and I see no need to complicate matters with
> another macro instead of WINDOWS32.

It seems that John has "stepped up to the plate" to get the w32 portions
autoconfisticated properly.  Can you carry forward with this John?


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