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RE: [Mingw-users] Make configuration for Win32.

From: John Cronin
Subject: RE: [Mingw-users] Make configuration for Win32.
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 22:14:12 +0100

A few more queries. (Again with 3.80rc1)

When running automake (both versions 1.6.1 and 1.6.3), I get the following automatically discovered file `getloadavg.c' should not be
explicitly mentioned

culprit line:

loadavg_SOURCES = getloadavg.c

My automake experience isn't sufficient to make head-or-tail of this - from
what I know it should work.

Also in hash.h, I notice:

#define STRING_COMPARE(X, Y, RESULT) do { \
  _RESULT_ = strcmp ((X), (Y)); \
} while (0)


#define STRING_N_COMPARE(X, Y, N, RESULT) do { \
  _RESULT_ = strncmp ((X), (Y), (N)); \
} while (0)


#define ISTRING_COMPARE(X, Y, RESULT) do { \
  _RESULT_ = stricmp ((X), (Y));
} while (0)

now when I try to compile, these give an undefined symbol on _RESULT_.  Am I
right in thinking that these should be RESULT ?

As I said, I have got make-3.80rc1 to compile under the MinGW/MSYS
with changes to the source which don't affect compilation on other platforms
(I have tested my Linux (Slackware-8.0 with modifications) and Cygwin).  On
both of these, make check passes.  However, on msys, all the tests fail.  I
presume this is due to the test suite not supporting mingw/msys rather than
error in my changes, as my make.exe can successfully build things (itself

If I were to supply a diff, with what options to diff, and based on which
sources (3.80rc1 or CVS?)


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Paul D. Smith
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To: John Cronin
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Subject: RE: [Mingw-users] Make configuration for Win32.

%% "John Cronin" <address@hidden> writes:

  jc> my change just adds memmove to AC_CHECK_FUNCS, which then defines
  jc> HAVE_MEMMOVE, and thus bcopy.

Whoops!  Not sure how memmove escaped from AC_CHECK_FUNCS; it should be
there.  That's a bug.  Thanks.

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