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AW: [lwip-devel] 1.3.0

From: Goldschmidt Simon
Subject: AW: [lwip-devel] 1.3.0
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 09:18:34 +0100

> Help would be most welcome.  I have a half done implementation of the
> persist timer, and could create a patch for what I have (basically the
> code to send the appropriate packets - it just needs calling from the
> right places in lwIP and then testing).
> The other big task (bug 20199) needs some degree of understanding of
> TCP to make sure we get it right.  Perhaps if I make a patch for how I
> think things should be others could review it?

I'm not really what I would call an expert on TCP, but my knowledge of
TCP is constantly growing ;-) I'd be happy to review/test patches or
integrate the persist timer into tcp_slowtmr.

As to the other bugs/tasks:

#6969 Review usage of conn->err in netconn layer
- important!

#7235 Create timeout framework for NO_SYS=1
- not really important to me... Also I think we have to talk a little
what we want here!

#7421 Implement SO_RCVBU
- nearly finished? What's missing is the listen backlog.
 -> should go in

If those (and Kieran's three) are fixed, we should talk about the other
bugs again and then prevent new code until 1.3.0 is out, I think.


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