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RE: [lwip-devel] 1.3.0

From: Goldschmidt Simon
Subject: RE: [lwip-devel] 1.3.0
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 10:48:22 +0100

>On Wed, 2007-11-21 at 20:32 +0100, Frédéric BERNON wrote:
>> When last changes will be done, do you planned to do a "freeze step"
>> to do some tests before release 1.3.0 ?
> Yes.  I will create a release candidate, and encourage users to update their 
> ports and test it.  While that is 
> happening only bug fixes for 1.3.0 will be allowed to be committed to CVS.  I 
> would expect the tree would stay 
> frozen for about two weeks to give people enough time to update and test.

Just another idea for 1.3.0: I think it would be good to add the release 
version to each file. It has been quite difficult in the past to get people on 
lwip-users detect their version of the stack. Adding the version to the release 
only (not CVS) would make it much easier to distinguish bugs that are already 
fixed (because the user used an old version) from bugs in the current code. I 
think we discussed that already, but I can't remember whether we came to a 
decision or not...


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