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Re: Buffer overflow in the StringQuotedWord() function

From: Matěj Cepl
Subject: Re: Buffer overflow in the StringQuotedWord() function
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 15:53:28 +0200
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William Bader píše v Čt 22. 10. 2020 v 22:55 +0000:
> The attached patch should fix both of the CVEs.
> The one in StringQuotedWord was more complicated because it was due to a 
> string longer than MAX_BUFF, and when I fixed the access there, other places 
> had errors.
> The one in srcnext needed only an extra test in a loop.
> I tested the manual in doc/user before and after, and the only differences 
> seemed to be places that embedded the current time.

https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/843612 posted to
OpenSUSE/Factory. Tom Callway (spot, maintainer of lout on
Fedora) has been notified.



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