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page headers

From: Jean-Christophe . Buisson
Subject: page headers
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 05:48:28 +0100 (CET)
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Hi everybody,

I'm writing a book with lout, 300 pages long, with 6 chapters,
3 appendices and a total of 150 Sections and SubSections.
It takes several runs for lout to set the page headers : at some
places in the book the page headers are blank at the first runs,
and these gaps fill slowly at each new run, usually progressing
page by page.
At some point of the book there is such a gap, 15 pages wide, so it
would take (too) many runs to fill up, were it not for an error
occuring after about 12 runs:

lout file "xxx.lout.ld":
  14623,13: fatal error: expression is too deeply nested

Here is a copy of xxx.lout.ld around line 14623 :
{ @@A { @@E {
{ @@A { @@E {
{ @@A { @@E {
{ @@A { @@E {  <- line 14623
address@hidden @BasicSetup} } }
address@hidden @DocumentSetup} } }

I also tried to put @BypassNumber at sections around the fatal place,
with no luck.


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