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Re: content-layout,a minor problem

From: Jürgen H. Havix
Subject: Re: content-layout,a minor problem
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 13:47:07 +0100 (CET)

Thank you, but this seems to be a major undertaking,
because I only want it in the content-part and maybe
in the index-part and only sometimes. It would depend
on my overall layout - for instance in doing sheet-
music, where there is conventionally only a very small
margin on pages with notes but the Composer-index
or content would look ugly with such a small margin at the top
(or at the bottom, the right and left margins of the content are
easily changed in the setup-file).
Besides Lout is very suitable in doing such a job
because of the ease of including postscript and eps.
For the time beeing I will write the content by hand or
manipulate the resulting postscript to correct some of the distances,
this seems to be the easiest way at the moment.
Thanks again,

>> But where to put this for the content, because the
>> content is done automatically, there is no
>> chapter or heading to write it under?
> You would have to be an expert to do this.  You
> would need to add 2v @SetHeaderComponent {} at
> the top of each major galley.  This would
> involve inserting
>    // @IfMajor { 2v @SetHeaderComponent {} }
> at around line 5027 of file include/dsf, that
> is after
>    //  intables @BeginTableCounter @ShortNum
> This would do the job for all major galleys:
> contents, chapters, appendices, the lot.  I
> haven't tested it though.  This is beyond
> what I would support you in doing; if you
> want to do this and it doesn't work first
> time, you will have to become an expert.
> jeff

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