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Re: content-layout,a minor problem

From: Jürgen H. Havix
Subject: Re: content-layout,a minor problem
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 13:32:38 +0100 (CET)

It works perfectly in the form of

  @Title{Title of document}
  @RunningTitle{Title of document}
  @Tag{Title of document}
2v @SetHeaderComponent{}

All following pages of this chapter have an additional
blank space at the top.
But where to put this for the content, because the content is
done automatically, there is no chapter or heading to write it
Thanks, George

>> The first line on the second page of the content-part beginns like
>> normal text directly at the top of the page, which does not look quite
>> so good, especially if there are only a few lines left.
> You're entitle to your opinion, obviously, but this is the way it
> is always done.  A glance at virtually any document will confirm this.
>> The content is made automatically, so I see no possibility to
>> insert additional space at the top of the second page. Does anybody
>> know a solution for this (minor) problem?
> No easy solution.  You could use the running headers options to
> achieve it, since the first page is a Start page and subsequent
> pages are non-Start pages.  Or you could use the @SetHeaderComponent
> symbol from the Expert's Guide:
>    @Heading { My Document }
>    //
>    2v @SetHeaderComponent {}
>    @PP
>    This text will have 2v's worth of blank space above it on
>    the second and subsequent pages.
> Hmm, perhaps this qualifies as an easy solution.  I haven't tested it.

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