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Re: page headers

From: kahl
Subject: Re: page headers
Date: 3 Feb 2006 16:39:17 -0500
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 > > so I replaced ``??'' with ``_'' in include/dsf
 > Don't try this at home.

Why? (Actually, as you see in the diff output, I put ``"_"'' there.)

The problem was that ``??'' typesets with more height than the
final headers once they are calculated.
On full slides, this meant that the ``??'' made the slide overflow
onto the next page; once the header was calculated, it would come back,
of course breaking the header cross reference again for the next slide.
As a result, the necessary number of Lout runs was close to the number of
slides, and not much fun to watch ;-)

``"_"'' typesets in less space than most header formats that would use it,
and therefore does not produce that problem.

I've never had any problems with that --- what are the potential problems
you see?


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