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Latin 2 support

From: dr.Eduard Werner (Edward Wornar)
Subject: Latin 2 support
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 13:54:21 +0100


I'm the new kid on the block. I've got almost a decade of experience with TeX 
and LaTeX.
Today, I've downloaded lout-3.24 and tried it out. The first impression is 

However, I have problems with the latin-2
support. I've tried

@SysInclude{ latin2 }
@SysInclude{ slides }

@InitialFont{ TimesCE Base 17p }

@End @Overhead

However, this does not work w.o. the @InitialFont directive and I think it 
should. The other
problem is that the latin-2 support is incomplete, the latin-2 consonants with 
acute accents
are missing almost completely, so that the package would work for Polish, 
Croatian or Sorbian.

Furthermore, I often have mixed texts using latin-[2-5]; I'd like to be able to 
use the
unicode stuff of mule and probably it would be no problem to make lout 
recognize two-char
sequences for typesetting a certain character. I would like to extend the 
package for Sorbian,
Lithuanian and Esperanto but I don't know where to start.   

All the best

           zzz. |\      _,,,---,,_
                /,`.-'`'    -.  ;-;;,_.
               |,4-  ) )-,_. ,\ (  `'-'
              '---''(_/--'  `-'\_)

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