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RE:Latin 2 support

From: Ian Carr-de Avelon
Subject: RE:Latin 2 support
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 11:50:04 +0100

This is just a word of encoragement, otherwise you may think that this would
only be of use to yourself, so maybe not worth going on with.

"dr.Eduard Werner (Edward Wornar)" <address@hidden> Wrote:
>However, I have problems with the latin-2
>support. I've tried
So have I.  

>Esperanto but I don't know where to start.   
I also thought of this one. I assume it can be done with glif files like the
ones for Latin-2, but I'm not clear whether it would also need changes in the
C code.
>> You can extend the "plus" files by example.  Don't forget to submit
>> your changes to Jeff.
Also there could be some documentation on this. Maybe if you get one font
working, do the documentation and others can start to chip in.
All I have worked out so far is in a line like
C -1 ; WX 389 ; N sacute ; B 51 -10 348 678 ;
389 can be found from s in the other font files, as can 51 -10 348. 678 is
common to all the acutes.

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