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Re: Trying number 2

From: uwe
Subject: Re: Trying number 2
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 12:57:01 -0000
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I'm posting via web from a galaxy far away, so, please,
excuse any spelling or formatting glitches, if any.

--- In address@hidden, "Victor Vislobokov" <address@hidden> wrote:

> The problem of russian users consists in absent russian 
> dmentation.  Many, many russian people want to include into world
> programming community and I think this is right, that they want to
> have documentation in our language.

The industry is changing so rapidly that it's just impossible to keep 
up with the pace without fluent English (read-only at least).

Re Russian manpages - I would preffer a separate distribution,
perhaps with LC_MESSAGE messages.  Something like


Tus l10n efforts won't get in the way of regular Lout releases.
In general, the point of i18n is making l10n feasible and lumping
l10n into the main distribution seems impractical to me.

> The using of Lout with cyrillic fonts don't differ with using of
> Lout with other fonts. But at this moment, Lout not allow to use
> cyrillic font correctly. There are differs from ISO8859-1 and KOI8-
> encoding with some symbols. For example, code of @Bullet symbol
> in a ISO8859-1 font is differ with code of same symbol in KOI8-R
> font. Lout has hard association: code - symbol name, which 
> independent of any enconding. At this moment, I think, it is
> main problem.

I don't understand.   The only scenario that I can think of that
this might be a problem is when you use those misfuckingencoded
Cyrillic fonts that claim StandardEncoding instead of proper afii*
names for Cyrillic glyphs.

Lout is perfectly ok with correct Cyrrilic fonts. Misencoded fonts
should go to hell, the sooner, the better.


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