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Re: Trying number 2

From: Lex Spoon
Subject: Re: Trying number 2
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 14:12:32 -400

"Victor Vislobokov" <address@hidden> wrote:
> >> The problem of russian users consists in absent russian 
> >> dmentation.  Many, many russian people want to include into world
> >> programming community and I think this is right, that they want to
> >> have documentation in our language.
> >The industry is changing so rapidly that it's just impossible to keep 
> >up with the pace without fluent English (read-only at least).
>        My position: Russian users MUST have documentation in
> Russian language.

Well, it's awefully arrogant to say that only English stuff is important
-- some of the seminal work in computer science is in foreign languages.
 It's also overstated that anyone *must* have things be as convenient as
possible.  Certainly the right answer is in the middle ground, and if
someone is voluntering to do translations, sheesh, let them.

By the way, "the industry is changing rapidly" depends entirely on your
perspective.  It's taken decades for garbage collection to catch on with
Joe Idiot Programmer.  How many more until Joe starts demanding
anonymous functions?  It took decades for something like XML to catch
Joe's attention, and it will likely take one or two decades more for him
to realize that XML should a full programming language.  Even today, how
many professional software development organizations can set reasonable
schedules?  The barest common sense of software engineering seems to
take ages to become the norm rather than the exception.

I could go on, but it should be clear that computer science
is crawling, not racing.  For a software developper (as opposed
to a researcher), a translation delay hardly matters.  Heck, more
*English* people could do with reading informative material
instead of trash magazines....


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