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Re: Trying number 2

From: Victor Vislobokov
Subject: Re: Trying number 2
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 09:34:27 +0500

> >    I will try update Russian translations of man pages, when will
> > occur update English man pages.
> Not that I want to criticize your wish to help russian users, but of what
> use can be the manpage translated in russian?  If one cannot read english,
> he won't be able to read the manual, and so Lout will be useless to him.

         Xmm ;)
         This is big problem with many russian users. But you aren't
right. If everybody will be agree with you, we shall never to have russian
localizations and translations. ;)
         The problem of russian users consists in absent russian
Many, many russian people want to include into world programming
community and I think this is right, that they want to have documentation
in our language.

> Perhaps of greater utility could be writing a tutorial about using Lout
> with cyrillic fonts.

          The using of Lout with cyrillic fonts don't differ with using of
Lout with other fonts. But at this moment, Lout not allow to use
cyrillic font correctly. There are differs from ISO8859-1 and KOI8-R
encoding with some symbols. For example, code of @Bullet symbol
in a ISO8859-1 font is differ with code of same symbol in KOI8-R
font. Lout has hard association: code - symbol name, which is independent
of any enconding. At this moment, I think, it is main problem.

You are right, we want tutorial (some simple examples), but this tutorial
must be universal.

With best wishes
Victor Vislobokov
Perm, Russia

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