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Re: Second attepmt (Was: Trying number 2)

From: uwe
Subject: Re: Second attepmt (Was: Trying number 2)
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 13:38:19 -0000
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--- In address@hidden, "Victor Vislobokov" <address@hidden> wrote:

> My position: Russian users MUST have documentation in
> Russian language.

Reality check: there are NO sufficient human resources to provide
adequate support.  So please, spare me of these pointeless sweeping 

Moreover, 99% of translated "Russian documentation" I've read
in the past decade is crap.  Unfortunately, professional translatators
are usually not up-to-date w.r.t. the field (hey, not all 
professionals in the field are), and professionals in the 
field, even though they think they know English, are usually quite 
bad translators, and for the most part, to add insult to injury,
they don't understand that.  So I'm very prejudiced against all
those "bazaar" translators (and I'm very glad on those occasions
when bright people prove me wrong with their good work.)

> > Re Russian manpages - I would preffer a separate distribution,
> > perhaps with LC_MESSAGE messages.  Something like
> > 
> >     lout-3.24-l10n-ru_RU.KOI8-R
> > 
> I agree, but only if national part of Lout will be placed
> with Lout together in this case.

For what value of "together"?  L10N is doomed to catch up with
development, so bundling L10N work together with the main distribution
is counterproductive.  If you gonna maintain Russian man pages - I'll
put a link at the Lout home page.  This is not a type of work that
requires "patching" main distribution, it's completely pluggable,
so I see no harm in NOT incorporating it into the main bundle.

> > > The using of Lout with cyrillic fonts don't differ with using of
> > > Lout with other fonts. But at this moment, Lout not allow to use
> > > cyrillic font correctly.
> > 
> > I don't understand.   The only scenario that I can think of that
> > this might be a problem is when you use those misfuckingencoded
> > Cyrillic fonts that claim StandardEncoding instead of proper afii*
> > names for Cyrillic glyphs.
> > 
> > Lout is perfectly ok with correct Cyrrilic fonts. Misencoded fonts
> > should go to hell, the sooner, the better.
> Well, what you think about Sharashkin's Russian FREE fonts?
> Its not good? 

This is the first time ever that I hear about them, so I'll give them 
the benefit of the doubt, but otherwise I am *very* suspicious.  The
name they bear doesn't contribute to the good press for them :-)

> Which FREE Russian fonts you suggest instead?

Literaturnaya, I think.

I haven't looked at the recent PSCyr release, but from announcement
I fathom they improved quite a bit (though I'm still uncertain about
their exact legal status).

I have collated for personal use a set of Cyrillic couriers based
on ParaType free version (merged them in one font, corrected few 
naming deviations, fixed few obviously bogus hints).  These fonts
cover koi8-r, cp866, cp1251 and 8859-5 and I use them with enscript
quite heavily.  I tried to contact ParaType to clarify the license
for their free Couriers, but, unfortunately, got no answer, so I
don't distribute my work (yet?).

[A word from our sponsor: thanks to FontLab authors for giving me
a free copy of their superb font editor.]

Also, I think Leon Kanter have done quite some work in this area
for BlackCat Linux distro, so you might want to check it.
[Since I'm away from my mail archives, I'm sorry if I get the name
or the spelling wrong]

I suggest that you check <http://www.sensi.org/locale/> for further 

> P.S. Why you not say, when I write to your personal E-mail?

If I get your question right, the answer is that I'm away from
my personal E-mail.  I plan to be back on Friday evening.


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