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Re: Message size limit

From: David Wright
Subject: Re: Message size limit
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2023 16:02:18 -0600

On Sat 04 Mar 2023 at 13:02:13 (-0800), Saul Tobin wrote:
> Hard disagree on plain text emails.
> I didn't really have a strong opinion re the whole discussion about message
> boards vs. email, but IMO the world has moved on to rich text email with
> embedded media. I think the reliance on plain text email as the standard
> for this mailing list detracts significantly from the conversation.
> Inlining images makes it much easier to communicate typesetting questions
> and also much easier to quickly respond, especially when viewing messages
> on a cell phone.
> Rich text emails with embedded media should IMO be supported as first class
> citizens of the mailing list.

I'm not sure what you mean by rich text email. I can only find RTF,
about which MS writes:

 "Rich Text Format

   "Important: HTML format is the current default compose format in
    Outlook. RTF is a legacy format and we do not plan to bring
    improvements to it. In this sense, use of RTF in encrypted
    messages is not recommended and it will be prone to face
    conversion issues.

 "Rich Text Format (RTF) is a Microsoft format that’s supported only
  by these email applications: 

    Microsoft Exchange Client versions 4.0 and 5.0
    All versions of Outlook"

Or do you mean HTML, which is tolerable when MUAs remember
to include the plain text version with appropriate headers.


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