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Re: Distance of a grob from its reference point

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Distance of a grob from its reference point
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 14:03:12 -0800
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On 2020-01-17 4:34 am, Paolo Prete wrote:
I said (and I confirm) that *\offset Y-offset is broken*. This command
should be blacklisted, given that it leads to random results.
That's all.

I believe I have demonstrated not only that \offset Y-offset is working properly but how it can be used in conjunction with other properties to effectively move an OttavaBracket upwards in the manner of the original request. Thus far, I have been unable to confirm behavior justifying the claim to the contrary and would require verifiable evidence to consider it further.

Please take as much time as you need to review the code snippets I included, especially the last one that makes use of \offset Y-offset. There was a lot for me to comment on, and I may have accidentally left out important information trying to keep the email from getting any longer. Do let me know if you need any additional detail or clarification of what is going on in the snippets.

-- Aaron Hill

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