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Re: Shift up OttavaBracket

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: Re: Shift up OttavaBracket
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 16:05:01 +0100

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 3:35 PM Kieren MacMillan <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Paolo,


Not in my example: I know its reference point is exactly 10 spaces from the reference point of the staff.  ;)

This happens because you have chosen a value that you know at a glance that it doesn't cause collisions.
But it doesn't work in many cases. For example, in my snippet I'm forced to use a ruler If I want to shift the bracket exactly +2 staff-spaces more. Then I have to put the starting point of the ruler at the reference point of the staff, find the distance between that starting point and the calculated position, and then add +2. This would be very tedious. And, from what I see, this is not needed for other objects.
And, from what I see, this happens because the OttavaBracket is coupled to the Staff object

> Consider too that the behavior of all these properties (except for extra-offset) seems different if I use \offset instead of \override or if I switch from 2.18 to 2.19 and vice-versa.

The difference between 2.18 and 2.19 shouldn’t even be a talking point — they’re different versions of the software.

I highlighted (A) these differences because, given that (B) there are differences even between the "\offset" and "\override" commands to, (A) + (B)  make me suspect that the whole OttavaBracket interface is buggy.


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