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Re: Anybody else with an interest in parser wrangling?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Anybody else with an interest in parser wrangling?
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 21:35:50 +0100
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John Wheeler <> writes:

> On 3/19/23 11:51, David Kastrup wrote:
>> So how to better involve others?
> Maybe a good place to start is by asking a few questions.
> What you would like these others to do?

Well, we are talking about core maintenance and rearchitecting here.
The main objective in my book is making more people able to solve their
own problems with confidence without ever having to touch the core.

That involves making sure that "the way things are done" is
straightforward and coherent and does not require to interact with any
non-obvious bits and pieces.

> What qualifications would they need?

The taste and tenacity to leave something cleaner behind than what they
started with.  But that sounds like the qualifications for a single
person, and there might be incentive for some small team to work on
stuff with distributed responsibilities.

David Kastrup

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