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Re: Anybody else with an interest in parser wrangling?

From: John Wheeler
Subject: Re: Anybody else with an interest in parser wrangling?
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 20:27:00 -0500
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On 3/20/23 15:35, David Kastrup wrote:

Well, we are talking about core maintenance and rearchitecting here.
The main objective in my book is making more people able to solve their
own problems with confidence without ever having to touch the core.

That involves making sure that "the way things are done" is
straightforward and coherent and does not require to interact with any
non-obvious bits and pieces.

Thank you.  Please help me understand your boundary between
core and non-core.  In you first message you specifically mentioned
parser.yy.  Is the lexer/parser process your focus?

The taste and tenacity to leave something cleaner behind than what they
started with.  But that sounds like the qualifications for a single
person, and there might be incentive for some small team to work on
stuff with distributed responsibilities.

In a very real sense, your qualifications describe many of the people
who populate this mailing list.

Given the history of lily/parser.yy you shared earlier, developing
a cohort of people (small team) with interests similar to yours
seems attractive for LilyPond.

As an initial step toward such a team, is there anything in particular
David Zelinsky or I could do to help your current efforts?  Perhaps,
if you have a some specific improvements you think are worth
pursuing we could see how well we could contribute.

Thank you,

John Wheeler

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