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Re: Anybody else with an interest in parser wrangling?

From: David Zelinsky
Subject: Re: Anybody else with an interest in parser wrangling?
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 13:18:59 -0400
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David Kastrup <> writes:

> But while my desire for work on user-pointing and internal design and
> architecture at that time sort of unfolded mostly in a vacuum, the years
> since then have not seen a lot of uptake.
> There also is a lot of potential for making ping-pong progress.  I
> realize that I am not exactly the most fun person to be working with,
> but also I tend to get stuck on boring or repetitive tasks to an
> inordinate degree.
> So how to better involve others?  The parser may be one of those areas
> with an awful amount of shoestring and glue, namely fiddling around
> until things happen to work.  All that fiddling happens in private
> before commits end up in master, meaning that it has no opportunity to
> end up contagious the way it happens now.

I've been interested in finding ways I can contribute to Lilypond,
beyond the couple of minor merge requests I've had accepted.  I don't
know much about parsers.  I read the dragon book years ago, and have
written some seat-of-the-pants code that might qualify as parsing, for
various things related to my math research, but nothing at all
complicated or formal.  And my experience with, say, bison, is that I've
heard of it. :) But I'm comfortable reading documentation and happy to
learn new things.  And I have plenty of experience getting down into the
weeds fiddling with things to get them to work just right.

So if you're willing to have a bit of patience and point me in the right
direction to learn things I need to know, I'm happy to help.


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