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Re: Lilypond for Apple Processor

From: Ben
Subject: Re: Lilypond for Apple Processor
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 21:50:19 +0100

Hi Jonas, 

Thanks for your answer. 

I don't know how works macports, but it already manages to provide compiled 
versions for Apple ARM of lilypond (and frescobaldi).

In fact, I can live with that, so I will wait. 



> Le 11 mars 2023 à 14:03, Jonas Hahnfeld <> a écrit :
> On Thu, 2023-03-02 at 02:28 +0100, Ben wrote:
>> Hello everyone, 
>> Thanks for the list. 
>> I would be interested in a version of lilypond natively for
>> Apple processors. 
>> I work with a mac M1 and if someone explains me the procedure
>> for the compilation, I can gladly compile this version myself. 
> Sorry for the very late reply!
> Thanks to Jean, I was able to find the thread on lilypond-user-fr:
> In short, as also discussed in there, the x86 binaries will also work
> on ARM, thanks to Apple's translation layer. For now, this should cover
> the most urgent use cases.
> Of course, it would be nice to provide native ARM binaries for macOS
> because sooner or later, Apple will want to remove the x86 translation.
> There are currently two blockers for this:
> a) The scripts in release/binaries need to produce a working version
> for macOS ARM. Jacques Menu had a try on this some time ago, but if I
> re-read the discussion correctly (which was off-list, unfortunately)
> Ghostscript did not build back then. This needs to be figured out.
> b) I need to have access to a machine where I can build official
> binaries during the release process. Alternatively, but less preferred
> (because it requires synchronization and introduces delays), somebody
> else will need to build the binaries. However, depending on need, this
> would probably be feasible at least for the stable releases. But let's
> worry about this after a) is solved.
> Cheers
> Jonas

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