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Re: Lilypond for Apple Processor

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Lilypond for Apple Processor
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 18:21:43 +0100
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Le jeudi 02 mars 2023 à 02:52 +0000, Jahrme Risner a écrit :
> Hi Ben,
> It looks like both MacPorts and Homebrew (linked from 
> []( 
> have LilyPond working with ARM Macs (which is what an M1 Mac would be) so if 
> you already use either of those it should be quite easy to add LilyPond.
> If you haven’t used either package manager before they do have some 
> differences but none are likely to be so big that it would make much of a 
> difference for a new user. I personally use (on an Intel Mac) MacPorts and 
> like it better because they seem to focus more on stability while if staying 
> on the bleeding-edge is more your preference then Homebrew might be better.
> Hope that helps!

Judging from the thread on the lilypond-user-fr list that led to Ben's original 
post, I believe he is not asking how to get a native M1 version of LilyPond, 
but how he can help the LilyPond project to officially provide such a version.

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