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Re: Lilypond for Apple Processor

From: Ben
Subject: Re: Lilypond for Apple Processor
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2023 20:34:39 +0100

Yes, that was my first thought.

But as long as frescobaldi can only be installed by macports, it is not so 
inconvenient that it is also the case for lilypond Apple ARM.

I would just find it useful to indicate on the website of lilypond, that for 
macOS, the Apple ARM version must be installed by macport (or homebrew) and 
that its access path is /opt/local/bin/lilypond.

And when frescobaldi will be available again in dmg, I could then gladly 
compile lilypond on my mac ARM. 



> Le 3 mars 2023 à 18:21, Jean Abou Samra <> a écrit :
> Le jeudi 02 mars 2023 à 02:52 +0000, Jahrme Risner a écrit :
>> Hi Ben,
>> It looks like both MacPorts and Homebrew (linked from 
>> []( 
>> have LilyPond working with ARM Macs (which is what an M1 Mac would be) so if 
>> you already use either of those it should be quite easy to add LilyPond.
>> If you haven’t used either package manager before they do have some 
>> differences but none are likely to be so big that it would make much of a 
>> difference for a new user. I personally use (on an Intel Mac) MacPorts and 
>> like it better because they seem to focus more on stability while if staying 
>> on the bleeding-edge is more your preference then Homebrew might be better.
>> Hope that helps!
> Judging from the thread on the lilypond-user-fr list that led to Ben's 
> original post, I believe he is not asking how to get a native M1 version of 
> LilyPond, but how he can help the LilyPond project to officially provide such 
> a version.

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