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Re: 64-bit version of Lilypond?

From: Flaming Hakama by Elaine
Subject: Re: 64-bit version of Lilypond?
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 12:44:22 -0800

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> From: Kieren MacMillan <address@hidden>
> To: Karlin High <address@hidden>
> Cc: David Kastrup <address@hidden>, lilypond-devel <address@hidden>,
> "Hans Åberg" <address@hidden>
> Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 09:50:19 -0500
> Subject: Re: 64-bit version of Lilypond?
> Hi Karlin,
> > Would MacPorts installation be adequate for LilyPond? Hans Åberg reports
> success with this. Or is it important to have something available from
> Let’s use [totally opinion-based] numbers for argument’s sake:
> people who would download and keep using a version from that
> didn’t require a second [editor] download: 100
> people who would download and keep using a version from that
> required a second [editor] download: 75
> people who would download and keep using a version using MacPorts: 30
> That is to say, I would guess we turn off at least half of our potential
> [Mac-based] user base by not having something available from
> Of course, I would still use it (I have MacPorts installed for maxima and a
> number of other things), but I’m not the average Mac user.
> Thoughts?
> Kieren.
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> Kieren MacMillan, composer
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> ‣ email: address@hidden

Context of my opinion:  I use Lilypond on a mac.  I do not use
Frescobaldi.  I use Sublime Text as my editor, but when I stared I used

I have never used Lilypad except as part of the initial "hello, Lily"
process to validate whether the install worked.

I would image that anyone doing real work in Lilypond, who does not use
Frescobaldi (or some other front end like Denomo?) would use their typical
go-to text editor/IDE, and not Lilypad.

In fact, I wonder if anyone on this list still uses Lilypad for any reason
other than to validate installs?  (Unless I am mistaken and that Lilypad is
commonly used in conjunction with Frescobaldi.)

So, I think the long-term value of Lilypad to the potential user base (on
mac or even other platforms) is close to zero.  In the short term, the main
downside would be specifically regarding recruiting new users by providing
an immediate "working" install.

Since this short-term goal is arguably still very important, I would be
willing to work on instructions or development of a command-line howto or
script to replace the Lilypad-based "hello, Lily".

Also, regarding your thought experiment, since macs ship with an editor
called simpletext, so there would be 0 cases where someone would need to
download additional software to start using Lilypond if it required another

I do agree that requiring using macports would significantly curtail that
potential user base.

In fact, one of the reasons I have not tried Frescobaldi is that you need
to use a package manager to install it, and download the developer tools
(XCode).  While this may be ok for my development machines, on my macbook
air it isn't really as viable an option (due to disc space, as I also need
to run Logic and Cubase, etc.)


Elaine Alt
415 . 341 .4954                                           "*Confusion is
highly underrated*"
Producer ~ Composer ~ Instrumentalist ~ Educator

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