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Re: Liberty-eiffel Digest, Vol 53, Issue 9

From: Eric Bezault
Subject: Re: Liberty-eiffel Digest, Vol 53, Issue 9
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2022 09:20:08 +0100
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On 18/02/2022 21:15, Raphael Mack wrote:
ECMA brought quite some nice improvements which make the language more
modern, but clearly at a cost. While I extremely like the comfort of
dynamic type conversion I hate its side effect that we suddenly get two
objects of different classes for the same thing and even worse, that a
simple assignment suddenly could crash with an out-of-memory-exception.
So it is hard for me to decide whether I want to use that or not, but I
clearly would want it to be implemented for the sake of compatibility
and ECMA compliance. - Ideally with an additional compiler flag to put
it into a conservative mode that works without.

The advantage of trying to have Liberty Eiffel support the same Eiffel
dialect as other Eiffel compilers is that we can then share existing
Eiffel tools such as this one:

Eric Bezault

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