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Re: Liberty-eiffel Digest, Vol 53, Issue 13

From: Hans Zwakenberg
Subject: Re: Liberty-eiffel Digest, Vol 53, Issue 13
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2022 22:30:33 +0100 (CET)

Hi Eric,

with this, I can fully agree, as far as using non-LE tools with LE.  I'd love 
to be able to use Gelint with LE...

Having said that, if the Eiffel market leader decides to go another way, would 
you want to have committed to following the market leader, merely to have a 
compatible compiler?
LE is not yet at a stage that is mature enough (see Eiffel-Test results) where 
we could start to even think about committing resources to such an enormous 
endeavour.  As of now, we don't have a team big enough to tackle such an effort 



> The advantage of trying to have Liberty Eiffel support the same Eiffel
> dialect as other Eiffel compilers is that we can then share existing
> Eiffel tools such as this one:


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