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Changed html page for l4-hurd

From: Zeno Gantner
Subject: Changed html page for l4-hurd
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 00:11:56 +0100

following your suggestions I've done some changes
to the page:
 - background is now white
 - the Hurd manual URL points now to the one at
   gnu.org (html and postscript version)
 - deleted the line "Hazelnut supports SMP"
   (see below)
 - Comments about the page go to address@hidden
 - deleted my feedback URL
 - changed the links to the debian-hurd ml
 - corrected the l4KA FAQ link
 - I took the gnu's head picture from the
   boilerplate page (hope it works correct)
   Is there any Hurd logo out there except for
   the big one at hurd.gnu.org?
   I wrote to the webmaster of the Dresden L4
   site for a permission to use the L4/x86 logo
   (it looks quite nice, no answer yet).
   Perhaps this pic and a GNU Hurd logo side by
   side (means not much work ;-))
 - Question to the l4-hurd guys: Is SMP support
   planned for L4KA (I think of Hazelnut's
   successors)? If there isn't anybody who knows
   it I'll ask at Uni Karlsruhe.
 - I've tested all the links. They should be ok
 - http://www.research.ibm.com/sawmill/L4-x-rat.ps
   this short document is an introduction to the
   API version X (used in Hazelnut, I guess)
   Should there be a link or isn't it that
 - If there are more comfortable ways to send you
   the page than via mailing lists, please tell me,
   Or is it ok to post it on the MLs so that others
   can view them without having to surf around... ?

I hope this page is ok. If there is someone who
is able to tell me some technical facts I can put
it on the page, too.

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Updated: 13 December 2000 zeno
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