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Mail accumulation

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Mail accumulation
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 23:31:36 -0800

I have marked 'read' all of my messages relating to L4, even if I hadn't 
read them.  The means that any emails about L4 related web pages on the 
hurd site should be considered lost if you haven't got a reply to them 

Please send any notes re: the Hurd webpage on gnu.org to 
address@hidden  Sorry about this, but I'm under 500 unread emails now, 
and I'm hoping to have this at a manageable level pretty quick.

No matter how big the bell, if you only tap it, it can give out only a
faint sound.  We must understand thoroughly that the weakness of the blow,
not a fault of the bell makes the sound poor. 
 - Koichi Tohei

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