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RE: CVS-Directories disappear when uploading per SFTP-Client

From: Dennis von Ferenczy
Subject: RE: CVS-Directories disappear when uploading per SFTP-Client
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 09:53:08 +0200

> Dennis von Ferenczy <address@hidden> wrote:
> > [ ... ]
> > The problem is the following: 
> > the cvs server is at the same time the web server where the 
> > application runs. So I have to checkout to the web server. 
> But: My IDE 
> > runs locally on my machine and it needs the complete source code to 
> > enable it to use code completion etc. Between my local 
> machine and the 
> > server there is only a DSL connection so I have the local changes 
> > mirrored to the web server (using the SFTP client) and then 
> do the commit from the web server.
> > Any better ideas?
> Yes.  Get a CVS client for your local machine and do your cvs 
> commits from there behind the IDE's back.  On the CVS server 
> == web server, use the loginfo hook to keep a reference 
> sandbox up to date, from which the web site operates.

Thanks for your advice. But what will be the advantage? If I get you right,
then I would have to do a commit every time I want to test the changes in my
scripts, even if I have changed only a single line of code - and even if the
code is buggy. Right now I work locally, have the files mirrored using SSH
(I'm not sure if cvs can use SSH) can immediately try my changes and if
everything works as desired I do a commit. Like this I can always be sure,
that code in the repository is actually code that is working correctly.

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