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RE: CVS-Directories disappear when uploading per SFTP-Client

From: Dennis von Ferenczy
Subject: RE: CVS-Directories disappear when uploading per SFTP-Client
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 23:36:45 +0200

> If I understand your workflow it goes something like this:
> 1) cvs checkout on server machine.
> 2) sftp checkout to dev machine.
> 3) make mods and test on dev machine.
> 4) sftp checkout back to server machine.
> 5) cvs commit changes on server machine.
> 6) sftp changes from dev machine to the production web server.

I am sorry, that my comment was maybe a little bit contradictory. My current
workflow is the following:

1) cvs checkout on dev machine (remote, purely development no production,
debian linux, cvs "Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.12.9 (client/server)")
2) sftp checkout on local machine (no-server, only IDE running, windows)
3) file changes automatically mirrored by SFTP-client to a web-accessible
directory on the dev machine (remote)
4) testing on dev machine (remote, internet-application, controlled using
5) if everything is working fine -> commit

So the producion server is in no way concerned by this workflow. There are
just two machines: The local Windows machine with the IDE running and the
remote Unix development machine where the application is hosted

so the following workflow wouldn't work for me, because the local machine is
not a web server.

> If you setup cvs, using ssh, you should be able to change 
> your workflow to:
> 1} cvs checkout on dev machine.
> 2} make mods and test on dev machine.
> 3} cvs commit changes on dev machine.
> 4} login to the production area, issue `cvs update`.

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