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Re: CVS-Directories disappear when uploading per SFTP-Client

From: Arno Schuring
Subject: Re: CVS-Directories disappear when uploading per SFTP-Client
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 22:13:20 +0200

The problem is the following:
the cvs server is at the same time the web server where the application
runs. So I have to checkout to the web server. But: My IDE runs locally on
my machine and it needs the complete source code to enable it to use code
completion etc. Between my local machine and the server there is only a DSL connection so I have the local changes mirrored to the web server (using the
SFTP client) and then do the commit from the web server.
Any better ideas?

Let CVS mirror the changes to the webserver. CVS is perfectly capable of handling multiple copies itself. There are some options you can consider:

- Since you have stfp access, I'm assuming you have ssh shell access as well. Go into your webserver's content directory and do a cvs checkout there. Each time you want to update the site, simply perform a cvs update on the webserver. Maybe change the settings of your webserver to ignore/hide the CVS/ directories (apache: modify the .htaccess file)

- This can be automated (but DON'T do that on your production site, since every mistake that gets committed to the repository will immediately be seen on the web), see (keeping a checked out copy)

- If somehow your sftp program/filesystem/ghost in the machine insists on removing the CVS/ directories when you upload, try uploading from another sandbox (so basically you will have two sandboxes on your local pc: one for 'work' and one for 'upload'). The 'upload' copy can be created with cvs export, if you want.


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