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Help Required in CVS

From: Hemant Thakre
Subject: Help Required in CVS
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 13:43:09 +0530
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Hello Group,

After a long time I'm posting on group.

Actually I'm stuckup at some point in CVS.

1) I have migrated my cvs server to new box which is fedora core 3.

I've copied all the modules as it is to new box.

Now, I've setup several access control on modules.

The problem is, I want to setup setgid bit on one module including all of its sub-directories (only).

But if I use -R option it also applies setgid bit on all files . I know it'll not make any sense for files.

But it's not possible for me to apply it on each and every sub directory as it's a big tree and having around 200 subdirectories.

Please tell me how can apply setgid to directories only?

2) Another problem which I'm facing after upgradation is

CVS Time stamping problem.

When I checkin or commit any file to cvs server. It shows diff. time stamp for checked in file which is around six hours less than current time.

We use ntp for time synchronisation in our premises. So all the workstations and servers are having exactly same time (GMT IST).

I dont know from where CVS is picking up this time.

Please let me know any solution if somebody came across these kinda problem.

Thanks in Advance

Hemant Thakre

Hemant Thakre

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