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Re: Emacs NYC Video Release: Bring Your Text to Life the Easy Way with G

From: Mats Lidell
Subject: Re: Emacs NYC Video Release: Bring Your Text to Life the Easy Way with GNU Hyperbole
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 23:33:02 +0200
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> Jean Louis writes:
> Yes, I like to know how are you using it practically, and how others
> are using it practically.

Sorry for following up late on this.

I have two examples of implicit buttons that I think illustrates who Hyperbole 
can be used.

 - I my day job we use git(1) for version control and we use a web based ticket 
system. The tickets are referred to with a name. So I have created an implicit 
button that from the ticket name takes me to the ticket in my web browser. That 
way I can in my personal notes refer to the ticket by using the name.
   Since it is quite common for us to use the ticket name in development 
branches too I can from places where the git branch is displayed also directly 
go to the ticket. That can be in the elisp package magit or from a command 
prompt showing the branch name or any other place where the ticket name is 
   Here the implicitness comes in. I could of course use the url to the ticket 
in my notes but I cant have the url in the branch name in git.

 - We have another in house web based tool that manages some resources. Those 
resources are created to be accessed and used from code. In the code the 
resources are not accessed using the url but other symbols are used. So again I 
have created an implicit button, very similar to the one above, that when 
clicked on the symbol in the code takes me to the corresponding resource in the 

So unique problems for me where I can use the implicit button support and some 
programming to make my day a little easier.

%% Mats

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