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Re: Emacs NYC Video Release: Bring Your Text to Life the Easy Way with G

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Emacs NYC Video Release: Bring Your Text to Life the Easy Way with GNU Hyperbole
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 09:13:04 +0300
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* Mats Lidell <mats.lidell@lidells.se> [2020-10-13 00:33]:
> > Jean Louis writes:
> > Yes, I like to know how are you using it practically, and how others
> > are using it practically.
> Sorry for following up late on this.
> I have two examples of implicit buttons that I think illustrates who 
> Hyperbole can be used.
>  - I my day job we use git(1) for version control and we use a web
>  - based ticket system. The tickets are referred to with a name. So
>  - I have created an implicit button that from the ticket name takes
>  - me to the ticket in my web browser. That way I can in my personal
>  - notes refer to the ticket by using the name.

Thank you. That is understandable. 

On my side I also have:

- database profiles for each person and traces of communication
  related to them

- file system Org file and other files, there is one directory for
  each person, there I put transactions, tasks and other things. The
  Org file is created automatically, so the Hyperbole per-directory
  file could be created automatically, then Hyperbole buttons could be
  automatically inserted in the Org file, pointing to: profile, SMS
  list, list of emails with person, call this person, and similar

And I have some database backed, Emacs viewed and edited information
of users, so it is my quest to setup dynamical Hyperbole buttons, as
such buffers are not connected to file system.

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