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Re: Is changing to .hypb directory really necessary with exec-shell-cmd

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: Re: Is changing to .hypb directory really necessary with exec-shell-cmd
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2020 08:28:53 -0400

Good points in here.  We will think about how to improve this and deal with 
remote paths.

-- Bob

> On Oct 9, 2020, at 1:25 AM, Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> wrote:
> * Robert Weiner <rswgnu@gmail.com> [2020-10-09 07:31]:
>> Sounds llike it might use the directory if the buffer from which you
>> activate the button rather than the dir of the button.
> So it uses the current directory of Emacs.
> Isn't that pointless?
> If there is current directory, Hyperbole executes exec-shell-cmd in
> shell by first cd-ing to the anyway set current directory, whatever it
> is.
> And I tested it with tramp, there is no consistent behavior:
> - if there is *shell* buffer, it would not create new shell in Tramp
>  on remote machine, and IT DOES NOT do any "cd"
> - if there is no *shell* buffer, it creates new shell in Tramp and
>  tries to execute it on remote machin
> In my opinion doing "cd" in the existing shell for Hyperbole is
> disturbing whatever user was doing in the shell, user would need to go
> back to previous directory after Hyperbole executes, I hope you
> understand. In that case, maybe is better using pushd/popd, but then
> again, somebody can change shell to something else what is not bash,
> maybe best would be to invoke new shell buffer for Hyperbole only.
> Maybe it should be how you said it, switch to directory of the buffer,
> not to current directory.
> If I have global button to unmount the disk and eject it, I am not
> sure if it is supposed to work on remote machines and devices which I
> would be using by chance, as I am often connected to mobile devices
> and other computers in the ethernet network. Or maybe it should I
> don't know, I just did not make commands for other computers. Watching
> DVD global button is for my computer, not for remote computer. Then am
> I supposed to first switch, cd, to some local directory before
> invoking global button, it should not be so.
> I hope you understand the conflicts.
> Other question is, if Hyperbole would invoke remote command if it
> finds remote Hyperbole directory buttons, that would be good.

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