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Re: [VCDImager] mux problem

From: Jens B. Jorgensen
Subject: Re: [VCDImager] mux problem
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:24:13 -0500
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Edson Reis wrote:

Edson Reis wrote:
Yes, i know this happens. I know that Philips player plays almost everything. But some LG players refuses to play everything that's not standard... as well as some other brands.

I'm pretty sure i'm making some mistake, mplex is a well known multiplexer, it's not possible have a bug like that. I just can't figure out where is my mistake at the moment.

I just used a rather simple script. This is it:

#!/bin/bash -x

mpeg2dec -o YUV $1.m2v | ~jbj1/fix_tivo_video $1.edt | yuvdenoise | mpeg2enc -f
4 -q 7 -o $1.svcd.m2v
mpg123 -w $1.0.wav $1.m2a
~jbj1/edit_tivo_audio $1.edt <$1.0.wav >$1.cut.wav
sox $1.cut.wav -r 44100 $1.1.wav
toolame -b 224 $1.1.wav $1.1.m2a
mplex -O 150 -f 4 $1.1.m2a $1.svcd.m2v -o $1.mpg
vcdimager -t svcd $1.mpg -c $1.cue -b $1.bin
rm $1.svcd.m2v $1.0.wav $1.cut.wav $1.1.wav $1.1.m2a $1.mpg

My "edit_tivo_audio" and "fix_tivo_video" are programs I wrote to 'edit' out video and audio frames after I had scanned through programs to remove commercials. Basically they just drop frames according to a text file generated from my "editing" program. Since I was re-encoding everything anyway this was easily done.

Thanks! ;-)) But i'mjust start learning...

Today i've got a new problem: I made a movie in Switzerland last month, and i'd like to make a copy in PAL to ship to friends in Europe (i live in Brazil, and all my system - camera and players- are for region 2, ntsc). After conversion, video and audio are not sincronized (as i expect), but if i set mplayer to use 25 fps it becomes worst! I'm trimming it just now to see if i can get a feeling on what happened, but it looks like i have to set mplayer at 32.6 fps to get audio and video sinconized!

Again: does anyone have an experiecy on that???

Ouch, yeah. Do some searching on the mjpegtools mailing lists. I seem to recall someone has written software that can change ntsc to pal and vice versa.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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