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Re: [VCDImager] mux problem

From: Edson Reis
Subject: Re: [VCDImager] mux problem
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 20:47:55 -0300
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Hi, thanks a lot for your reply,

My comments (and a new question) is inside the text.

Jens B. Jorgensen wrote:

Edson Reis wrote:

Hi all,

I'm using vcdimager to built vcd's and svcd's successfully after some trials, but i still have one obscure point:

Afert converting files captured on my dv camera (movies and pitures converted to movies), edited and converted to mpeg 1 or 2 (for vcd's or svcd's), using the (i suppose) right bitrate on them, then i have a problem:

- If i use mplex to join audio and video, the vcd (or svcd) generated by vcdimager does not plays correctlly on
 some standalone DVD's player;

Well, since I only used my own player I'm not sure how good of a datapoint it represents but I used to use mplex to produce SVCDs (in all I probably created about 50 of them) and they worked just dandy in my standalone player, a Pioneer DV 343 if I am recalling correctly what it is. Before that I had a super cheap-o Raite AV-Phile thing which to tell you the truth was a very solid player that handled everything smoothely. It got zapped in a power surge or something and that's when I went to the Pioneer.

Yes, i know this happens. I know that Philips player plays almost everything. But some LG players refuses to play everything that's not standard... as well as some other brands.

I'm pretty sure i'm making some mistake, mplex is a well known multiplexer, it's not possible have a bug like that. I just can't figure out where is my mistake at the moment.

- If i use tcmplex to join audio and video, everthing is fine, even if the bitrate is higher and a bit above the
 vcd (or svcd) specification!

To do this tests i've tryed the "worst" players i could get, asking for friends to try to play my medias.

I'm writing this to try to find someone that knows:

- what are the real specification for an vcd (or svcd) and;

The 'real' specifications are not freely available (you have to pay for the standards docs) although with a clever google search you may be able to turn up draft specifications. I happen to own a copy of the svcd spec so if you had a more specific question to ask (what bit rates are allowable etc.) then I could try to answer those questions.

Yes, i like to have a copy. After setting up my system, i'm converting most of my videos to svcd, and when they don't fit on one cd i put it on dvd.

- how to test it - i just play it using xine (actually gxine) and read the botom line or, reading file caracteristics written during multiplexing by tcmplex and mplex (my script generates both);

Sounds like you do know how to test it! ;-) I would burn a copy and give it a try in my player.

Thanks! ;-)) But i'mjust start learning...

Today i've got a new problem: I made a movie in Switzerland last month, and i'd like to make a copy in PAL to ship to friends in Europe (i live in Brazil, and all my system - camera and players- are for region 2, ntsc). After conversion, video and audio are not sincronized (as i expect), but if i set mplayer to use 25 fps it becomes worst! I'm trimming it just now to see if i can get a feeling on what happened, but it looks like i have to set mplayer at 32.6 fps to get audio and video sinconized!

Again: does anyone have an experiecy on that???

I know this is not an vcdimager problem, but i think i affects it's users...

Thanks to anyone that could help.


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