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Re: GUI - start?

From: Alexander Hansen
Subject: Re: GUI - start?
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2014 11:34:20 -0800

> On Dec 1, 2014, at 11:21 AM, James Russell <address@hidden> wrote:
> Alexander,
> Okay, starting down that path, beginning with the remove.  When I get to the 
> new install, you indicate in the command line you provide to use 
> octave-qtx11, but in your comments you remark that I could use -qtx11 or 
> qtmac.  What should I consider in choosing between these?  A minor 
> consideration is that I am trying to build a separate Ubuntu machine to 
> behave like the Mac - does this favor using qtx11 for consisteny?
> Thanks,
> Jim

One of the virtues of Qt is that the behavior is intended to be 
platform-invariant, so it may not matter too much.  Other relevant things to 
consider are:

1)  If you’re going to access your OS X environment remotely, an X11-based GUI 
is usually more convenient since you can just forward one window rather than 
the whole desktop.

2)  On the other hand, Fink’s X11 Qt4 packages are older than the Mac native 
ones, because Qt changed their build system changed to make building an X11 
version on OS X more difficult than our current Qt maintainer wanted to deal 
with.  The newer native version may thus actually be closer to what you 
experience on Ubuntu than the X11 one.

And Fink saves archives of what you build, so if you don’t like your choice, 
you can switch it.
Alexander Hansen, Ph.D.
Fink User Liaison

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