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Re: Limited number of figures?

From: Steven D Ratts
Subject: Re: Limited number of figures?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 15:18:39 -0700

It would appear that the gnuplot_binary variable was not functioning
correctly.  I just got my sys admin to install my custom version of gnuplot
on the system (so that it would be located in /usr/local/bin where it
belongs anyway) and sure enough, the limitation on the number of plots

It would be nice it the gnuplot_binary variable would do what it's supposed
to do so that users can redirect octave to their own versions of gnuplot.
But then, it would also be nice if the standard versions of gnuplot didn't
have such a ludicrously low limit on the maximum possible number of
windows.  Why, indeed, should there be any limit whatsoever?  Why not
dynamically size things so that the user does not need to recompile the
code and such things do not need to be hard coded?  Why not post my rants
on a gnuplot list?  (now there's an idea!)

Thanks for all the help!  In the end it did finally work!


Steven D Ratts
520.794.3692 Desk
520.794.5815 FAX
520.489.8916 Pager

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