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Limited number of figures?

From: Steven D Ratts
Subject: Limited number of figures?
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 11:23:57 -0700


I'm an experienced MATLAB user, but a novice with octave, so this may be a
very simple question.  I looked in the help archives but I wasn't able to
find something that looked relevant, nevertheless, this would seem to be a
very basic problem that most likely is commonly encountered and (hopefully)
easily solved.

When I generate plots using octave (2.1.48), the windows are labeled with
the figure number as "Gnuplot n" where n is the figure number.  The first
issue is that even if I do a "close all" (which does close all the
windows), the next plot I make (and the value returned by the figure
command) is n+1 where n is the number of the last figure created.  Is there
some way to reset the figure number?

The second, and more pressing issue doesn't occur until I get to the 16th
figure for a given session of octave.  On that figure the window is labeled
"Gnuplot" rather than "Gnuplot 16" (this is not a big deal IMO), and all
further plots will go to that window (which is the crux of the problem).
Basically, I can't get more than 16 figures out of a given session of
octave before all further figures overwrite the last one.  I can clear this
by exiting octave and restarting, but this is hardly a viable solution.

Is there some way to reset the figure number to 1?  I can live with not
having more than 16 figures open at one time, but if I'm going to be able
to effectively look at the data I need to process, I'll certainly need much
more than 16 figures in a given octave session and would like to have
several open at any given time.

Is this a gnuplot issue?  I'm using gnuplot 3.7 on my system (a PC running
linux Redhat 9) if that is relevant.

Are there any alternatives to gnuplot (if that is the issue) that I might
be able to use, and if there are, can I access them via octave's plot


Steven D Ratts
520.794.3692 Desk
520.794.5815 FAX
520.489.8916 Pager

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