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Re: Limited number of figures?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Limited number of figures?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 17:32:46 -0500

On 12-Jun-2003, Steven D Ratts <address@hidden> wrote:

| It would be nice it the gnuplot_binary variable would do what it's supposed
| to do so that users can redirect octave to their own versions of gnuplot.

I'm not sure that it can, unless you also have gnuplot_x11 first in
your PATH.  Without that, if you set gnuplot_binary to something like
"/some/where/not/in/your/PATH/gnuplot", then I don't think the copy of
gnuplot_x11 that corresponds to the copy of gnuplot in the directory
/some/where/not/in/your/PATH will be found.  Unfortunately, there is
apparently no environment variable (other than PATH) that can be set
to tell gnuplot where to find gnuplot_x11 (at least in the 3.7.x
versions, I'm not sure about the 3.8 development versions).  Although
it might be tempting, I think that for Octave to modify PATH by
looking at the value of gnuplot_binary is probably not a good
solution.  In this case, I think it would be better to fix gnuplot (or
maybe we could someday finally fix Octave so that it is not needed at


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