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Re: Limited number of figures?

From: Steven D Ratts
Subject: Re: Limited number of figures?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 15:03:53 -0700

I checked and I found that the variable gnuplot_binary was set to simply
"gnuplot", but then my custom compiled version of gnuplot was carefully
arranged to be the first one on my path (this I verified with which).
Nevertheless, I went ahead and changed gnuplot_binary to
"/home/ratts/bin/gnuplot" so that it specified the fully qualified path
name of my custom binary for gnuplot.  This did not solve the problem,

I've double checked the value of the MAX_WINDOWS #define in gnuplot and it
is definitely 65535.  gnuplot does indeed compile without errors or
warnings on my system with this #define in place, and further it appears to
run without errors.  Nevertheless, It seems that nothing I do will prevent
all plots after the 15th one from going to the same window when plotting in

I have tried to test whether or not my custom version of gnuplot will let
me have more than 16 windows, but so far have had no success whatsoever
with that.  I admit that I am not an experienced user of gnuplot, so it's
quite likely that I'm not testing it right.  In gnuplot, I first set
multiplot (and get the multiplot>> prompt), then I start making plots, but
they all go to the same window.  I have explored the built-in help for
multiplot mode and learned how to do the equivalent of subplots in octave
or MATLAB, but I've found no help at all on how to have actual multiple
windows, so I am unable to confirm if my change to gnuplot has been
effective at any level.

I'm beginning to wonder if there might not be something else the matter
with gnuplot, or perhaps some other problem with octave itself.  This all
seems very strange to me.  Surely, I am not the first person to want to
produce more than 16 plots with a single session of octave!

Still frustrated,

Steven D Ratts
520.794.3692 Desk
520.794.5815 FAX
520.489.8916 Pager

                      A S Hodel                                                 
                      <address@hidden         To:      "Steven D Ratts" 
            >               cc:                              
                                               Subject: Re: Limited number of 
                      06/11/2003 07:24                                          

In octave, what is the variable gnuplot_binary set to?  You can set
this to be a string with the path to your gnuplot.  That ought to do
the job.

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