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Re: help - SEGV_MAPERR

From: santhi . guntupalli
Subject: Re: help - SEGV_MAPERR
Date: 21 Mar 2006 21:42:48 -0800
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Finally after a long struggle to fix this problem, i have figured out a
work around..
i had mentioned that i was getting SEGV_MAPERR at instantiating a
template class
dmn_arr<desc_obj> tobj;

I was instantiating a template class as a local variable inside the
when i declare same thing as member variable of the class..i was not
getting SEGV_MAPERR and it went through fine and functionality is
working fine.

How does it make the difference when instantiate a template class as
local variable instead of as member variable of that class.
We are proceeding with this work around.

Now i am facing new problem. Our application is quite huge.
we use 3rd party SDK which is interfaced with our applciation.
it is link with this 3rd party library with one my execuatables.
During run time this executable i am getting unsatisfied symbol as

ld: (Warning) Unsatisfied symbol "__cxa_personality_routine".....  from
this library.
when browse for this symbol i came to know that it is because of mix of
libraries of  which were built using gcc/g++ and aCC. The 3rd party
library was built using aCC ( we cant do anything with this.)

My application is quite huge and build already completed using g++ and
i cant rebuild using aCC and i am already in testing phase. Is there
any work around to fix this problem...

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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