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Re: help - SEGV_MAPERR

From: santhi . guntupalli
Subject: Re: help - SEGV_MAPERR
Date: 13 Mar 2006 22:24:05 -0800
User-agent: G2/0.2

Thank you very much for your quick response and help. I dont have much
knowledge debugging registers.
I ran the commands as suggested by you.
Sorry for sending you a huge output. is where template class is defined.
Please help me where i did mistake.

(gdb) r
Starting program: /home/test/src/Server ../examples/test
warning: Load module
/usr/local/lib/gcc/ia64-hp-hpux11.23/4.0.2/../../../hpux64 has been stripped.
Debugging information is not available.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault
  si_code: 1 - SEGV_MAPERR - Address not mapped to object.
[Switching to thread 6 (system thread 774988)]
0x9fffffffef7bce30:1 in dld_bor_text_entry + 0x81 ()
   from /usr/lib/hpux64/
(gdb) where
#0  0x9fffffffef7bce30:1 in dld_bor_text_entry + 0x81 ()
   from /usr/lib/hpux64/
(gdb) info shared
Shared Object Libraries
        tstart              tend              dstart              dend
 0x9fffffffef786000 0x9fffffffef7faec0 0x9fffffffef77f000
 0x9fffffffef74d000 0x9fffffffef77c0d0 0x9fffffffef74a000
 0x9fffffffef6b5000 0x9fffffffef747e00 0x9fffffffef6b0000
 0x9fffffffef6a9000 0x9fffffffef6af440 0x9fffffffef6b4000
 0x9fffffffef6a4000 0x9fffffffef6a6b10 0x9fffffffef6a3000
 0x9fffffffef588000 0x9fffffffef6a20b0 0x9fffffffef574000
 0x9fffffffef47c000 0x9fffffffef56ff90 0x9fffffffef470000
 0x9fffffffef41e000 0x9fffffffef467d10 0x9fffffffef586000
 0x9fffffffef2b1000 0x9fffffffef41dc20 0x9fffffffef585000
 0x9fffffffec000000 0x9fffffffec246dc0 0x9fffffffef298000
 0x9fffffffef28c000 0x9fffffffef293e00 0x9fffffffef46f000
Total of 11 shared libraries.

(gdb) info reg
  pr0:                0x1
  pr1:                  0
  pr2:                0x1
  pr3:                  0
  pr4:                  0
  pr5:                  0
  pr6:                  0
  pr7:                0x1
  pr8:                0x1
  pr9:                  0
 pr10:                0x1
 pr11:                0x1
 pr12:                  0
 pr13:                  0
 pr14:                  0
 pr15:                  0
 pr16:                  0
 pr17:                  0
 pr18:                  0
gr38:                  0  natr38: 0
 gr39:               0x47  natr39: 0
 gr40: 0xc000000000000490  natr40: 0
 gr41:                  0  natr41: 0
 gr42:                  0  natr42: 0
 gr43: 0x9fffffffef6a8018  natr43: 0
 gr44:              0x15b  natr44: 0
  br0: 0x9fffffffef65b440
  br1:                  0
  br2:                  0
  br3:                  0
  br4:                  0
  br5:                  0
 ar40:    0x9804c8270433f
 ar64: 0xc000000000000490
       (sor:0, sol:9, sof:16)
 ar65:                  0
 ar66:                  0
   ip: 0x9fffffffef7bce30:1
  cfm:              0x58d
       (sor:0, sol:11, sof:13)
  psr:     0x1213080ae01a

(gdb) x/20i $pc-40
0x9fffffffef7bce00:9 <unwind_rp+0x29>:  (p16) illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce00:10 <unwind_rp+0x2a>: (p8)  dep
0x9fffffffef7bce10:8 <unwind_rp+0x38>:  (p16) break.m          0x7f6
0x9fffffffef7bce10:9 <unwind_rp+0x39>:  (p16) illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce10:10 <unwind_rp+0x3a>: (p8)  dep
0x9fffffffef7bce20:8 <unwind_rp+0x48>:  (p16) break.m          0x7f6
0x9fffffffef7bce20:9 <unwind_rp+0x49>:  (p16) illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce20:10 <unwind_rp+0x4a>: (p8)  illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce30:8 <unwind_rp+0x58>:  (p16) break.m          0x7f6
0x9fffffffef7bce30:9 <unwind_rp+0x59>:  (p16) illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce30:10 <unwind_rp+0x5a>: (p8)  illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce40:8 <unwind_rp+0x68>:  (p16) break.m          0x7f6
0x9fffffffef7bce40:9 <unwind_rp+0x69>:  (p16) cmp.ltu
0x9fffffffef7bce40:10 <unwind_rp+0x6a>: (p7)  break.i          0xb1fe
0x9fffffffef7bce50:8 <unwind_rp+0x78>:        break.m          0x200
0x9fffffffef7bce50:9 <unwind_rp+0x79>:        illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce50:10 <unwind_rp+0x7a>: (p48) illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce60:8 <unwind_rp+0x88>:  (p16) break.m          0x7b6;;
0x9fffffffef7bce60:9 <unwind_rp+0x89>:  (p16) illegalOp
0x9fffffffef7bce60:10 <unwind_rp+0x8a>: (p11) illegalOp

Thanks & regards,

Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
> "Guntupalli Santhi" <> writes:
> > ------=_Part_15800_16678392.1142245117842
> > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
> > Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
> > Content-Disposition: inline
> Please don't do this when posting to usenet.
> >>     We are porting our application from Tru64 Unix to HPUX 11.23 (IA64).
> >> It is 64 bit application and multi-threaded. During runtime i have seen
> >> strange behaviour of our application.
> What's so strange about it?
> You have some kind a bug (either in the application, or in the
> tool chain), and your app crashes. Nothing very unusual about it.
> >> when i run my application it is dumping core at
> >> dmn_arr<desc_obj> tobj; #line no 200
> How did you come to the conclusion that the app crashes here?
> Your conclusion may well be correct, but I'd like to know what
> *facts* led you to it.
> >> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault
> >>   si_code: 1 - SEGV_MAPERR - Address not mapped to object.
> >> 0x9fffffffef7bce30:1 in dld_bor_text_entry + 0x81 ()
> >>    from /usr/lib/hpux64/
> >>
> >> As per my understanding the error SEGV_MAPERR is  it is not able to locate
> >> the template class od ( dmn_arr ).
> Your understanding is incorrect.
> Since you successfully built your program, "it" (whatever it is)
> has already located the template class just fine.
> >> Using gdb when i run the same application stepping each statement one by
> >> one it is working fine. if i put breakpoint directly at this statement( 
> >> line
> >> 200) menetioned above  again it is dumping core as above.
> That usually means that the app crashes *before* that statment.
> Here are some relevant gdb commands:
>   run              # don't single-step, let the app crash
>   where
>   info shared
>   info reg
>   x/20i $pc-40
> >> What could be the problem. why i am getting this error.
> Anything could be the problem.
> Generally, IA-64 is a major main in the a** to debug, which might
> explain its runaway success :)
> > ------=_Part_15800_16678392.1142245117842
> > Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
> > Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
> > Content-Disposition: inline
> >
> > <div>Hi,</div>
> Please don't *ever* post HTML.
> Cheers,
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