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Re: Trouble setting default font and window size

From: Ron House
Subject: Re: Trouble setting default font and window size
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 16:09:03 +1000
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On 29/07/16 01:30, HASM wrote:

Last, you can use ~/.Xresources to move a lot of that stuff from the
Emacs init files and also from the invocation command-line arguments.

I push this into my xrdb:
Emacs*geometry:   100x50
Emacs.menuBar:              off
Emacs.toolBar:              off
Emacs.horizontalScrollBars: off
Emacs.verticalScrollBars:   off
Emacs.background:           #304060
Emacs.foreground:           white
Emacs.Font: "-adobe-courier-medium-r-normal--20-140-100-100-m-110-iso8859-15"

I tried this, but got inexplicable errors - despite xlsfonts showing my font, it nevertheless claimed it was a nonexistent font when I started emacs. It's not worth spending more time on this, but I did discover one important fact that someone working on emacs might or might not be interested in:

My earlier speculation about the timing of the bug was wrong. All the mis-scaling occurs in processing the single setup line:

'(default ((t (:inherit nil :stipple nil :inverse-video nil :box nil :strike-through nil :overline nil :underline nil :slant normal :weight normal :height 90 :width normal :foundry "bitstream" :family "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono"))))

When that default line is in, all the wrong stuff happens, without it, none of it does. So it seems that instead of changing all the specs and then redisplaying, emacs is changing some settings, displaying, then changing some more and displaying again, instead of changing all settings and displaying only once.

Pity it wasn't a simple fix, but thanks to all for your time and effort!

Ron House
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